Lightning warning to all the world Leaders to save this beautiful world from the imminent doomsday


Nicholas Moore from Dhaka,                 

Date- 16th November 2020.

The world’s only Covid-19 Corona Virus expert Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher has sent a very catastrophic signal to all the world leaders. In a letter to all world leaders that it is very important to tell the facts to the world. Otherwise doomsday is imminent. Very soon i.e. by 2021 the world’s inhabitants will disappear from this world. So, this irresistible virus must be burned totally. In his letter, he confirmed that every day millions of innocent people are dying but all the government’s health department’s bulletin is telling lies to the world. A copy of the original letter is sent to the world leaders below, which is self-explanatory. One thing is 100% guaranteed that this world’s most notorious arms dealer not only a veteran but a very dangerous man. Still, he has the mighty power that he and his team can Blowup and destroys any country in the world. Yes, it is a fact world’s many intelligence agencies including the FBI, CIA is aware of that. He is very unhappy and shocked that at this crucial time NASA headquarters is closed. He thinks it is a shame on NASA and the American media as well as all the world leaders.

Date: 15th November 2020.

Respected world leaders including all the Presidents and Prime Ministers of all the countries of the world.

Dear World Leaders,

Hope this finds you all are in the best of regards. You have no idea and nobody has told you about the basic characteristics of the Covid19 Corona Virus. It is guaranteed that no vaccine can destroy coronavirus totally from the human body.

The main characteristic of this virus is irresistible and moving like an invisible spirit. The virus is not natural. It is created by so-called scientists but they are the hideous enemies of human civilizations. The life of a virus is so powerful that it enters into the human body in droves and sticks with different organs like Leech and hard type of Glue.

So the vaccine gives temporary relief only. So only burning this virus inside the patient’s body can have permanent recovery. Otherwise, all researches will go in vain. Please remember all the skies of this world have already been contaminated. So, we have to clear/burn the Corona Virus from the sky fast.

All of you should understand that vaccines may contribute a little bit for the time being. Because the patients are cured apparently we feel they are cured, but now they are not. Believe me without my theory i.e. the components I have mentioned nobody and no other way coronavirus will disappear from this world for good. Please note very carefully applying my theory is dangerous, rear, and very expensive. Because the components are not easily available.   

It is my challenge with full confidence that if NASA and scientists of other countries can develop thick smoke by nuclear/uranium dust together with sulfur dust and spread this smoke by Air Force fighter plane from a maximum of 5,000 feet above all over the world. Only then the Coronavirus will be burned into ashes for good. If scientists want to add some other components to avoid human health hazards if they think. The world leaders do not have any idea that the Corona Virus patients who are cured and gone home from the hospitals will be affected again and will die instantly. So, this is a very high time for the world leaders unanimously to come forward to implement my unprecedented theory by their scientists. No other research and no medicine will save this world from this dangerous invisible spirit called Covid19 Corona Virus.

You don’t have any Idea or any information till today how many millions and millions of people have died. The statement all the government’s health departments are telling the media all are heinous lies. It is beyond your imaginations. Today I am giving you 100% the challenge that if you are alive and I am alive at the End of 2021 90% of the people of this world will die i.e. they will disappear from this beautiful world. There is none in this world who can challenge me.

Another serious point when you will start spreading this smoke in the sky not only Covid-19 Corona Virus. All kinds of viruses, Mosquitoes, Flies, Cockroaches, Beetles, Termites, Rats, Cats, and all kinds of annoying insects will be extinct i.e. all will be burn for good.

My dear and respected all the world’s great leaders still there is time. So, please come forward and start to implement my theory and save the world’s inhabitants. And as soon as you receive my letter, please tell the facts to your nation through the local media i.e. holding a massive press conference for the betterment of your inhabitants.

The original copy of my letter to you is sent by DHL courier service from Dhaka, Bangladesh to all the leaders in the 220 countries of the world. 

Best regards,

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher

Dhaka Bangladesh

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ছাত্রদল নেতার ঈদ সামগ্রী বিতরণে পুলিশের বাধা চরভদ্রাসনে

নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা, ফরিদপুর টাইমস:ফরিদপুরে ছাত্রদলের কেন্দ্রীয় কমিটির সহ-সাংগঠনিক সম্পাদক ও জেলা ছাত্রদলের সাধারণ সম্পাদক তানজিমুল হাসান কায়েসের উদ্যোগে অসহায়দের মাঝে ঈদ সামগ্রী বিতরণে পুলিশের বাধা


ফাঁসি মওকুফের আড়াই বছর পর কারামুক্তি: বহর নিয়ে এলাকায় ফিরলেন আ.লীগ নেতা তারা মিয়া

নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা, ফরিদপুর টাইমস:ফরিদপুরের বহুল আলোচিত ও চাঞ্চল্যকর মলয় বোস হত্যা মামলার প্রধান আসামী আওয়ামী লীগ নেতা ইমামুল হোসেন তারা মিয়া কারাগার হতে মুক্তি পেয়েছেন।


সালথার ক্ষতিগ্রস্থদের মাঝে বিএনপি নেতা বাবুলের ঈদ সামগ্রী ও নগদ অর্থ বিতরণ

নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা, ফরিদপুর টাইমস:

ফরিদপুরের সালথা উপজেলায় সাম্প্রতিক সহিংস ঘটনায় ক্ষতিগ্রস্থদের মাঝে বিএনপির ভাইস চেয়ারপারসন তারেক রহমানের নির্দেশে ঈদ সামগ্রী ও নগদ টাকা প্রদান করা হয়েছে।



বিশিষ্ট কবি মাস্টার ইউনুস আলী মিয়ার স্মরণে ইফতার মাহফিল

ফরিদপুরের বিশিষ্ট শিক্ষাবিদ, কবি ও বোয়ালমারী উপজেলার দাদপুর ইউনিয়নের সাবেক চেয়ারম্যান মাস্টার মুহাম্মদ ইউনুস আলী মিয়ার আত্মার মাগফেরাত কামনায় গতকাল শনিবার কোরআনখানি ও ইফতার মাহফিল