Finally Dr. Moosa sent lightning warning to NASA.

Nicholas Moore from Dhaka,

Date- 23rd July, 2020

World’s only Covid-19 Corona Virus expert Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher has sent very catastrophic signal to NASA. In a letter to NASA chief scientist Dr. James L. Green. It is very important tell the facts to the world. Otherwise doomsday is imminent. Very soon i.e. by 2021 world’s inhabitants will disappear from this world. So, this irresistible virus must be burned totally. In his letter he confirmed that every day millions of innocent people are dying but all the governments health department’s bulletin is telling lies to the world. For the greatest interest of the world and the UNI readers the original letter copy is sent below here which is self explanatory. One thing is 100% guaranteed that this world’s most notorious arms dealer not only veteran but very dangerous man. Still he has the mighty power that he and his team can Blowup and Destroy any country in the world. Yes it is a facts world’s many intelligent agencies including FBI, CIA are aware of that.  His very unhappy and shocked that at this crucial time NASA headquarters is closed. He things it is a shame on the NASA and the American media. Because he has communicated with Washington post chief Editor in this regard. Last night he has talk to secretary of NASA chief scientist James L. Green and she has confirmed that NASA is closed everybody working sitting at home. Which is very shameful.               

Dear Dr. James Green,

Hope this finds you & your team are in the best of regards. Thank you very much for your wonderful email. Indeed, there are risk factors but definitely we can overcome that risks factors easily. I have more ideas I will share with you so that no human health hazard in long time.

Dr. Green, no vaccine can destroy corona virus totally from human body.

The virus is not natural. It is created by so called scientist but they are hideous enemy of all mankind. The life of virus is so powerful that it enters into human body in droves and sticks with different organs like Leech and hard type of Glue.

So the vaccine gives temporary relief only. The main characteristic of this virus is irresistible and moving like invisible spirit. So only burning this virus inside the patient body can have permanent recovery. Otherwise all research will go in vain.

It may contribute little bit for the time being. Because the patients are cured apparently we feel they are cured, but no they are not. Believe me without these components I have mention in my theory nobody and no other way coronavirus will be disappear from this world for good. I am very happy that your team is working day and night to implement my theory. Please you keep in touch with President Donald Trump in this regard. Because it is dangerous, rear and very expensive components. Whatever the outcome of your research, please let me know.

It has been last 3/4 months I have been communicative with you and your former colleague scientist Waleed Abdul Adi. Please go back to all my communications and compare with them and the present statements of the world scientist. I have challenged no Vaccine and no Medicine can burn the Corona Virus from the human body. It is impossible. Without looking into my theory many world’s govt. including WHO are talking rubbish. Especially British Medical team and some other countries team are making Anti Body Medicine, Vaccines but all must go in vain. You don’t have any Idea or any information till today how many millions and millions people have died. The statement all the government’s health departments are telling to the media all are heinous lies. It is beyond your imaginations. Today I am giving you 100% challenge that if you are alive and I am alive at the End of 2021 80% people of this world will die i.e. they will disappear from this beautiful world. There is none in this world who can challenge me.             

You can ask your team to apply 60% sulfur dust and the rest they will decide proportionately that is uranium and nuclear dust along with some other component to avoid human health hazard in long run. Also let them find out some other components which can bring risk factors to zero. If Mr. President wants me to be with you and your team, please let me know. I have more fantastic ideas for you so that only us scientists and Mr. President Trump will be credited to save this world as the guardian angel of the world’s inhabitance.

Please don’t hesitate to call me anytime and don’t ignore me as I am not a scientist. But do you know Dr. Green that I have played with these components more than 40 years. They are like my toys. I have full confidence in you and your team by my unprecedented support you will be 100% successful that is my guarantee and Dr. James L Green will be the hero of the world and your name will be written in the history by golden letters. I shall be working for you from the behind.

Dr. James, this is special request that you bring the above facts to the president, vice president, all the secretaries, senators, congress man and other us important people you feel. Especially the patients are cured but no they are not. You will see in future that all these cured patients slowly slowly will fall and will die instantly.

Dr. James Green, the whole world is under threat and serious panic is causing collateral damage to the health of world population mentally and psychologically because of media gossips. So if you have to stop or reduce this panic stating that the NASA team is working seriously to burn corona virus implementing the theory of Dr. Moosa to the world media. By which world population will have the ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Another serious point when you will start spreading this smoke in the sky not only Covid-19 Corona Virus. All kinds of viruses, Mosquitoes, Fly, Cockroaches, Beetles, Termites, Rats, Cats and all kinds of annoying insects will be extinct i.e. all will be burn for good.

Thank u very much Dr. Green please be in touch with me either email or telephone.

Best regards,

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher