Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher owned USD $60 billion He is magnificent and his name will be written in the world history by golden letters for his immortal deeds.

ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য

Nicholas Moore from London, Nayyar Zamil from London & Zurich.
Dated- 15th June, 2020.

It is a unusual and unprecedented story. To reveal this unreal and miraculous facts to the world took at least 7 years for both of us. We are talking about world’s most celebrated business tycoon and most notorious arms dealers of Bangladesh origin in the modern history. It was not easy task for us. We had started from the roots of Pakistan i.e. 1947. Pakistan was divided in to two states called West Pakistan and East Pakistan. Since 1958 until 1971 hole Pakistan was ruled by West Pakistani Generals. In our research we found very unkind and inhuman disparities between two countries. While West Pakistan was growing rapidly but the Pakistani Generals turned East Pakistan as a slum and ranked East Pakistan as the poorest country in the world. In 1971 Indian backed freedom fight stared after 9 months Indian Govt. the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi ordered her defense forces to occupy East Pakistan and handover to Bangladeshis. It happens only in a week time. Then Sheikh Mujib the Great leader was declared as the father of the Nation. Young Moosa was very close to Sheikh Mujib since 1954. After liberations of Bangladesh condition of the country and its people was devastating and intolerable misery. Moosa started business in 1972 and 1973 he started business and build a factory in Qatar with Royal Family. Those the meteoric rise in the early-seventies of a young aspirant man in Asian foreign trades by competing with the giants astounded all in the East. The world media showed keen interest in this rising star and cast their searching sights on a least developed country like Bangladesh. The giants in every sector of trade exchange billions of dollars or pounds within moments. It is from here that the needs of human civilization, the powers to control and the future courses of many countries are determined beyond their knowledge.

Only the oligarchy of financial giants dares to rule this world. It is a matter of pride that at least one of our close comrades has occupied a prestigious position in this world of immense wealth and unlimited power. He has added extraordinary qualities to his personality characterized by firm commitment to righteousness and genuine sympathy for mankind. He is the only Asian who is renowned and honored as world’s luminous & celebrated arms dealer. He is Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher. Because in 1974 he became business partner of world famous Saudi arms dealers Adnan Khashoggi and world famous American arms dealers Sarkis Soghanalian.

He was born in a respectable Muslim family in the district town of Faridpur on 15th October, 1945.

He was the only flamboyant and fire-branded student leader of his time. He completed his education from The State University of California; he also obtained his PhD in Economics from the same university.

It is not that he was selfish did everything for himself But No. He has done miracle for his people upon instruction of his great leader Sheikh Mujib. He had started export of Manpower the poor worker of his country to Middle East and other countries through his personal relationship with the Kings and the rulers of gulf countries. Now that poor Bangladesh became new Bangladesh standing on foreign remittance. Now Bangladesh is respected as financially solvent countries. It is now totally changed. So, we can guarantee that When the chronicles of Bangladesh Manpower Exports are revealed and fireworks illuminate around the sky over in celebrations, one name and one name alone shall stand proud and tall above everything visible at home. It is Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher the undisputed Bangladesh legend, the father of manpower exports and the economic emancipation of Bangladesh. This great Bengali visionary pathfinder turned the dreams of millions into reality changing the fate of Bangladesh eternally. To him, indeed, the nation shall remain ever grateful. He has helped many nations to stand on their feet modernizing their defense systems. He has done so many things for many countries spending billions of dollars of his own money.

We have been able to reveled very dangerous mission of Dr. Moosa. In 1984 during Hajj period Israel Govt. finally wanted to destroy the existence of Islam i.e. they wanted to destroy and vanish Madina, Makkah and Jeddah by launching very powerful missile which was 100% inevitable. But Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher has alone foiled that attack that is why we believe Dr. Moosa who is the widely respected as Prince Moosa so the Prince Moosa the Magnificent and his name will be written in the history by golden letters for his immortal deeds.

Nobody knows how much he worth. Once we asked late Adnan Khashoggi about Dr. Moosa’s wealth and how much exactly frozen in Swiss Bank. We were the luckiest journalists had the golden opportunity to interview Sheikh Adnan Khashoggi in his hospital in London. We asked him again about Dr. Moosa’s how many billions he owns? He kept silent for a while. Then he came out with the facts. First he said media is bogus. Listen to me my boys. Unfortunately due to lot of international conspiracies one of the biggest Swiss Bank has frozen his USD $60 billion. For Dr. Moosa I have Euros 20 billion which I have to pay him back before I die. This is the fact and this is the fact he said to us. He died in 06th June 2017 after his death we do not know about his Euros 20 billion. Weather he has paid or not. But all our investigations have confirmed 100% that yes Dr. Moosa’s owns USD $60 billion and it is really frozen by a Swiss Bank. All his legal income. No money has come from Bangladesh. All his money is clean and none criminal origin.

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দেশের ব্যাটারী উৎপাদনকারী অন্যতম শিল্প প্রতিষ্ঠান পান্না গ্রুপের উদ্যোগে এক ডিলার সম্মেলন অনুষ্ঠিত হয়েছে।
ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য

ফরিদপুরে পান্না গ্রুপের ডিলার সম্মেলন অনুষ্ঠিত

নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা, ফরিদপুর টাইমস:

দেশের ব্যাটারী উৎপাদনকারী অন্যতম শিল্প প্রতিষ্ঠান পান্না গ্রুপের উদ্যোগে এক ডিলার সম্মেলন অনুষ্ঠিত হয়েছে। আজ শুক্রবার (০৯ অক্টোবর) জেলার মধুখালী উপজেলার পরিক্ষীতপুর

খবর ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য

বোয়ালমারীতে শুভ্রা কুন্ডু’র অনলাইন রেস্টুরেন্ট ‘ফুডবাজ’

এন কে বি নয়ন, ফরিদপুর:

“আমি ভীষন ভোজন বিলাসী। খেতে এবং খাওয়াতে খুব পছন্দ করি৷ রান্না করতে প্রচণ্ড ভালোবাসি। রান্না আমার কাছে একটা শিল্প। আর এই

মূসা বিন শমসের
ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য

৮২ বিলিয়ন মার্কিন ডলারের মালিক মূসা বিন শমশের এশিয়ার শ্রেষ্ঠ ধনকুবের

(ফোর্বস ম্যাগাজিন প্রথম প্রকাশিত হয় ১৯১৭ সালে। এ দিকে লন্ডন টেলিগ্রাফ প্রথম প্রকাশিত হয় ১৮৫৫ সালে। ১৯৯৬ সালে লন্ডন টেলিগ্রাফ মূসা বিন শমশেরের ওপর অভূতপূর্ব

এফসিসিআই সভাপতি সিদ্দিকুর রহমান।
ব্যবসা বাণিজ্য

ফরিদপুর চেম্বারের সভাপতির বিরুদ্ধে ফেসবুকে অপপ্রচারের প্রতিবাদ

নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা, ফরিদপুর টাইমস:

ফরিদপুর চেম্বার অব কমার্স এন্ড ইন্ডাষ্ট্রির (এফসিসিআই) সভাপতি সিদ্দিকুর রহমানের বিরুদ্ধে সামাজিক যোগাযোগ মাধ্যমে কুৎসা রটনা ও অপপ্রচারের তীব্র প্রতিবাদ ও নিন্দা