Finally NASA approves only theory of Dr. Moosa to destroy pandemic burning Covid-19 Corona Virus from this world for good.

Kaikobad Milan from Dhaka & Nayyer Zamil from London. 

Dated- 28th May, 2020

Chief Scientist of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of USA Dr. James L. Green has approved Bangladeshi business tycoon Dr Moosa bin Shamsher for his invention of theory to entirely destroy the novel Coronavirus.

Dr. Moosa has become the first man to come forward with his unprecedented theory to burn Corona Virus to save world’s inhabitance, said Dr. Green in a letter to Dr. Moosa on 23rdMay, 2020. 

It is vary sad that no scientist has come forward to save this world. Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher widely known as the Prince of Bangladesh, is not a scientist, but the most notorious arms dealers in modern history. London Sunday Telegraph in the year 1996 contributed full of cover page on Dr. Moosa and they have revealed many unbelievable facts about him. The Sunday Telegraph confirmed that Prince Moosa is hideously rich.

Dr. Moosa has done so many good things for many countries in the world. It is well known fact that business tycoon Dr. Moosa’s USD $60 billion is frozen by a Swiss Bank for more than a decade, but sources confirmed that Dr. Moosa worth lot more than that amount. He is the first man to come forward with his unprecedented theory to burn Corona Virus to save world’s inhabitance. In his reply to Dr. James Green, chief scientist of NASA, he said about the basic characteristic and nature of attacking the human body of Corona Virus. Few contains of his reply is mentioned here for the betterment of the readers and all of mankind.

Thank you very much for your wonderful email. Indeed there are risk factors but definitely we can overcome that risks factors easily. I have more ideas I will share with you so that no human health hazard in long time.

Dr. Green, no vaccine can destroy Corona Virus totally for human body.

The virus is not natural. It is created by so called scientist but they are hideous enemy of all mankind. The life of virus is so powerful that it enters into human body in droves and sticks with different organs like Leech and hard type of Glue.

So the vaccine gives temporary relief only. The main characteristic of this virus is irresistible and moving like invisible spirit. So only burning this virus inside the patient body can have permanent recovery. Otherwise all research will go in vein.

It may contribute little bit for the time being. Because the patient are cured apparently we feel they are cured, but no they are not. Believe me without these components I have mentioned in my theory nobody and no other way Corona Virus will be disappeared from this world for good. I am very happy that your team is working day and night to implement my theory. Please you keep in touch with President Donald Trump in this regard. Because it is dangerous, rear and very expensive components. Whatever the outcome of your research, please let me know.

You can ask your team to apply 60% sulphur dust and the rest they will decide proportionately that is uranium and nuclear dust along with some other component to avoid human health hazard in long run. Also let them find out some other components which can bring I have more fantastic idea for you so that only US scientist and Mr. President Trump will be credited to save this world as the guardian angle of the world’s inhabitance.

But do you know Dr. Green that I have played with these components more than 40 years. They are like my toys. I have full confidences in you and your team by my unprecedented support you will be 100% successful that is my guarantee and Dr. James L Green will be the hero of the world and your name will be written in the history by golden letter.