July 6, 2020

Bangladesh bank moves to bring back $ 32 bn of Prince Moosa from Swiss Bank

ড. মূসা বিন শমশের বিশ্ব বরেণ্য ধনকুবের ও বিরল বঙ্গ সন্তান। যিনি বাংলাদেশের জনশক্তি রপ্তানি ও অর্থনৈতিক মুক্তির প্রবাদ পুরুষ।

Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank, has decided to bring back 32 billion US Dollars (equivalent to Bangladeshi Tk. 2,71,ooo crore) belonging to business tycoon and notorious international arms dealer Prince Moosa Bin Shamsher.

The money, owned by Moosa, one of the top wealthiest persons in the world and notorious arms trader during 1980s and i99os, remained in freeze condition with Swiss Bank.

Bangladeshi born Moosa, also known as Prince Moosa in Bangladesh , was once a top ranking international arms dealer.

Moosa was the fifth among 10 top wealthiest persons in theworld during 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. His foreign currency now stood at 32 billion US Dollars.

Following an application to the Bangladesh Bank (BB), a letter signed by Mohammad Nasim Uddin, deputy director of BB, on Sep 1informed the tycoon that the central bank would take initiative for bringing back his foreign currency.

In this regard, the letter asked Moosa to comply all the policies of the government.

Through the letter, Moosa was informed that the BB would also give him ‘Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award.’

 In a reaction, Dr Moosa told UNI that he would take steps for construction of the second Padma Bridge on Dhaka-Kolkata route Paturia-Daulatdia and Paturia-Nagarbari river routes in the country with the permission of the government if he gets back the money, kept with the Swiss Bank.

Just after the countrys independence, Moosa being directed by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman played an impo1tant role in creating manpower export to different parts of the world through his company DATCO.

Besides, Moosa along with his strong team foiled Pakistani intelligence agency ‘ISI’s’ conspiracy of creating unstable situation in Bangladesh.

When Sheikh Hasina, while she was the opposition leader, went to address a rally in front her party office at Gulistan in 2004, Moosa gave her secret information about bomb attack there.

Paying no heed to the warning, Hasina attended the rally where the grisly attack took place, though Hasina escaped unhurt.

There were many such incidents, which were prevented due to initiatives taken by Moosa’s team. Hence, Pakistani spy agency has been displeased with Moosa.

Twenty five people, including Ivy Rahman, wife of former President Zillur Rahman, were killed and over 100 injured in the grenade attack at the rally.

The business tycoon told UNI that he has become a target of ISI as he through his intelligence foiled frequent plan for attack on Hasina.

Hence, he is now feeling insecure and cannot go abroad. Law enforcers in Bangladesh have been informed of the matter, he said.

In the international arena, Dr. Moosa had reputation by maintaining good relations with famous leaders in the world.

Moosa donated a huge amount of money for the purpose of election campaign of Tony Blair during election of United Kingdom.

George W Bush Senior), former president of USA, was the close friend of Prince Moosa.

He was also friends with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

News source: United news of India.

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