Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Trillionaire Moosa plans billions for charity in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Jun 17 (UNI): Bangladesh is about to enter the lucrative medical arena and fearlessly do battle with the best the world has to offer.

A state-of-the-art 1000-bed world-class hospital is in the planning for Bangladesh that will cause medical services to do cartwheels, change the lives of many, and meet the needs of people, who otherwise would go abroad for medical treatment and pay considerably more. Not only would the world’s best medical services be available on our own doorstep, but at affordable costs.

That is one of the many exhilarating plans Bangladesh’s first and only trillionaire Moosa Bin Shamsher has in mind.
Also, on his highly impressive charitable ‘deeds-to-do’ list is Pabna Mental Hospital – the oldest such hospital in Bangladesh that services the needs of the mentally disadvantaged.
Moosa is planning a donation of one billion Taka (one hundred crores) to provide better food and better services for the patients. Mental illness not only dooms the lives of the patients but also puts enormous strain on their families, who are ill-equipped to handle the complexities of the situation and feel hopeless and helpless when it strikes their loved ones.

Moosa not only has the capacity to dream in colour of such wondrous changes for the benefit of the nation he loves with all his heart but like no other person in Bangladesh, he has the financial resources to actually transform his dreams into reality.

The trillionaire business tycoon has always occupied a classification all to himself. He was the first millionaire in Bangladesh. Then the first billionaire, and more recently he has become the first and only trillionaire.
Moosa was the forerunner to Bangladesh’s thriving manpower exports that began in 1973. Ever since then, he’s been known locally and worldwide as the ‘Father of Bangladesh Manpower Exports’.

Even today, three decades later, remittances from Bangladeshi manpower expatriates remain the backbone of Bangladesh economy.

The man, who has money that would take years to count manually, said he awakens each morning with the one thought of bringing his staggering 32 billion Euros to Bangladesh and helping disadvantaged people. This includes 20 billion given through a will by his long time business partner and friend, the legendary Arab arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.
His notorious arms deals not only created mighty friends in the highest of places but also mighty enemies, who felt disturbed by the first-rate defence build-up of their foes at the insistence of the Moosa and Adnan duo.
ISI intelligence agents are said to be out to eliminate him. He’s given proofs to law enforcers in Bangladesh, who have taken special security measures. “Whenever my team and I prevented ISI from getting to Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Rehana, Joy and Bobby and other members of the Bangabandhu family, they became enraged and wonder why I’m always several steps ahead,” he said. “Let them wonder,” he added.

“I made a solemn promise to Bangabandhu that I would advise, watch over, and protect those closest to his heart – Sheikh Hasina (now Prime Minister). Having the support of a team of consummate professionals worldwide, made it all possible,” he said.

The highly educated iconic figure obtained his PhD, in economics from the State University of California. Alongside academic performances, Moosa had an equally successful foothold in the field of literature and culture. Both Bangabandhu and Moosa knew each other personally since 1954.
Moosa’s a living legend, possessor of worldwide known name, fame, and fortune; perhaps he’s even a national treasure. The once wide-eyed ‘Miracle Boy’ from Faridpur, is now ranked as the 4th richest man in South Asia and the 70th in the world.
New Delhi.