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Bangladesh is about to enter the lucrative medical arena and fearlessly do battle with the best the world has to offer. The days are numbered when Bangladeshis will feel the need to go overseas to be assured of the best medical attention. The reverse is about to happen, the world will beat a path to our door! GreenWatch Dhaka

A state-of-the-art 1,000-bed world-class hospital is in the planning for Bangladesh that will cause medical services to do cartwheels, change the lives of many, and meet the needs of people who otherwise would go abroad for medical treatment and pay considerably more.

Not only would the world’s best medical services be available on our own doorstep, but at affordable costs. That is one of the many exhilarating plans; Bangladesh’s first and only trillionaire Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher has in mind.

Also on his highly impressive charitable ‘deeds-to-do’ list is Pabna Mental Hospital – the oldest such hospital in Bangladesh that services the needs of the mentally disadvantaged. Dr. Moosa is planning a donation of one billion Taka (one hundred crores) to provide better food and better services for the patients. He also wants to upgrade their living conditions and research solutions to help fight this form of disability. Mental illness not only dooms the lives of the patients but also puts enormous strain on their families, who are ill-equipped to handle the complexities of the situation and feel hopeless and helpless when it strikes their loved ones.

Kaleidoscopic dreams
Dr. Moosa not only has the capacity to dream in colour of such wondrous changes for the benefit of the nation he loves with all his heart but like no other person in Bangladesh, he has the financial resources to actually transform his dreams into reality.
The trillionaire business tycoon has always occupied a classification all to himself. He was the first millionaire in Bangladesh. Then the first billionaire, and more recently he has become the first and only trillionaire. He made millions from his international arms deals with his bosom buddy and partner, internationally renowned arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.
Moosa was the forerunner to Bangladesh’s thriving manpower exports that began in 1973. Ever since then, he’s been known locally and worldwide as the ‘Father of Bangladesh Manpower Exports.’
Shamsher’s unique, impeccable, impressionable stylish and lavish lifestyle and his close association with royal houses in Europe and the Arab world have earned him great honour and immeasurable respect and kudos for Bangladesh. His prefix ‘Prince’ has raised questionable eyebrows in some quarters, but a reliable source close to him assured, it’s no fanciful title and “all will be revealed before the end of the year”.

The man, who has money that would take years to count manually, said he awakens each morning with the one thought of bringing his staggering 32 billion Euros to Bangladesh and helping disadvantaged people. This includes 20 billion given through a will by his longtime business partner and friend, the legendary Arab arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. They earned the fortune jointly through Adnan’s astute investments. Adnan Khashoggi expired on June 6, 2017.

The notorious arms dealer openly boasts of helping build the defence systems of many countries to protect them against external aggression, brokering change of power internationally at places of conflict, and with international support, helping people like the Bosnians towards independence, to have their own army and to stand up and assert their freedom.

Moosa and his close friend Adnan, by virtue of their experience as arms dealers, achieved distinctions as defence strategists and rubbed shoulders from time to time with many world leaders including US presidents, British political leaders and even controversial North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un.

Friends and enemies
His notorious arms deals not only created mighty friends in the highest of places but also mighty enemies who felt disturbed by the first-rate defence build-up of their foes at the insistence of the Moosa and Adnan duo. Moosa nonchalantly recalls a Serbian missile attack that destroyed half of a hotel, in which he was accommodated, during negotiations to extend weapons support to Bosnians in their fight for survival with the Serbian Army. The Bosnians told him the missile attack was intended to kill him.

His unmatched notoriety and behind-the-scene covert activities have earned him attention most people wouldn’t welcome. ISI and Mossad intelligence agents are said to be out to eliminate him. He’s given proofs to law enforcers in Bangladesh, who have taken special security measures.
“I do not fear ISI or Mossad,” he said. “I do not fear death, so I have no reason to fear threats by Mossad, ISI or any other similar organisation, group or individual,” he said.

“They’re behaving like spoilt brats unable to get their own way. They know very well that we have the ability to blow-up any small-size country within hours. They have never forgiven me for foiling their plans in the 1980s to destroy the three holy shrines in Saudi Arabia.

“Whenever my team and I prevent them from getting to Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Rehana, Joy and Bobby and other members of the Bangabandhu family, they become enraged and wonder why I’m always several steps ahead,” he said. “Let them wonder,” he added.

Khashoggi and Shamsher were a formidable team to be feared, appreciated and applauded – indisputably, the most powerful arms dealers the world has ever known. Their private intelligence network would put Russia’s KGB and America’s CIA to shame – and often did.
In the 1980s, Mossad planned to destroy the holy cities and wipe Islam from the face of the earth.

They foiled the Israeli nuclear attack on the three most holy Islamic sites in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah, Medina and Makkah – and prevented an Islamic war that would have crippled both the Jewish and Islamic religions. Perhaps wiping out both of them.

In addition to Khashoggi and Shamsher, only Saudi King Fahd his brother Defence Minister Prince Sultan, President Saddam Hossain, President Hafez Al Asad andPalestinian leader Yasser Arafat were privy to the details.
Fearful of igniting uprisings that would trigger a bloody war, it was decided among themselves to keep everything hush-hush and away from the public eye.

Within Saudi royal family circles, Khashoggi died a hero’s death. Shamsher lives on enjoying their appreciation and hospitality as the legend he is. It was via his enviable intelligence network; Dr. Moosa was able to guarantee protection for Sheikh Hasina.

“I made a solemn promise to Bangabandhu that I would advise, watch over, and protect those closest to his heart – Sheikh Hasina (now Prime Minister). Having the support of a team of consummate professionals worldwide, made it all possible,” he said.

Now the vibrant minded septuagenarian is preparing to contribute to Bangladesh society more than anyone has ever done before and wants to build a better life for all.
His fame and fortune gives the impression it’s come easy to him, but that’s not true. The exceptionally gifted man worked hard towards achieving his goals right from his pre-pubescent years and now showcases a path many could take.

The multi-talented trillionaire was spotted and rubber-stamped as a ‘miracle boy who’s going to go far’’ as early as his school days in Faridpur. The then Governor of East Pakistan, Azam Khan, introduced cheeky sparkling-eyed Moosa to the then president of Pakistan Field Marshal Ayub Khan. Moosa was a quick thinker, gifted speaker and oozing with confidence. He felt totally at ease, perhaps even equal, in their company. He later became Pakistan’s debating champion in English. In his teens, he was what one would call a loner. He spent most of his time with his dark haired thatched head in books and studying. He’s never played marbles, doesn’t know how. The highly educated iconic figure obtained his PhD, in economics from the State University of California.

Phenomenal success
Before his phenomenal rise internationally in business, the septuagenarian began doing successful trading at home and was noted and remembered for his impeccable neatness of dress and flamboyancy, which was totally unknown in those days – even rare today.

After the War of Liberation in 1971 that ravaged the country, mercilessly tore the economy to shreds, the lives of people apart and left many in want and suffering severe hardship: no jobs, no food. As a result, many people painfully starved to death.

One night an idea came to him that would revolutionize the Bangladesh workforce forever. In his dream-like trance, he could see massive change to the economy and people benefitting beyond measurement. The idea was simple enough, just nobody had thought about it before – the hallmark of genius.

While thousands were jobless in Bangladesh, certain parts of the world were crying out for manpower help. Moosa decided he was going to grasp the unique opportunity and fill that void with Bangladeshis.

‘Many were skeptical he would succeed, including the great Bangabandhu and Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.’ Moosa was very close to Bangabandhu from childhood. Although Bangabandhu had every faith in Moosa’s enviable unique abilities, he needed reassurance: ‘Can you do this?’ he asked.

Moosa, without hesitation, confidently replied ‘yes’, and Bangabandhu gave him his blessing. The rest, as they say in best-selling books, is history.
That initiative gave birth to his now famous manpower export firm DATCO through which the first batch of 3,000 Bangladeshi migrants was sent and Bangladesh began its climb to recovery.

Through his most trusted business partner HRH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, who became the ruling Emir of Qatar from 1995 to 2013, he was, and still is, accorded every courtesy and red-carpeted treatment. After the death of Bangabandhu, Prince Moosa approached President Ziaur Rahman who assured him of continued support for his noble efforts.
The Emir was close to King Khalid of Saudi Arabia and helped open a channel for manpower export to the kingdom.

Bangladesh deer
Prince Moosa fondly recalls the Emir requesting a pair of deer, male and female, from Bangladesh for his grounds. Dr. Moosa and President Zia cheerfully complied and now there are many scores of Bangladesh deer roaming his lands.

The happy event was the talk of Qatar and their friendship became etched in marble.

Remittances from the workers were seen as a golden shower of monthly blessings from Heaven. The money rescued the individual families from poverty and starvation and helped prop up and boost the ailing economy. Even today, three decades later, remittances from Bangladeshi manpower expatriates remain the backbone of Bangladesh economy.
Moosa tells, with a sparkle in his eye and an aura of contentment, that the sleepy Bangladesh villages that were once full of slipshod thatched-roof mud cottages are now full of long lasting proper homes. The migrants brought prosperity to their villages as never before seen.

The big turning point in the life of the visionary was when Moosa befriended Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia and through him Adnan M. Khashoggi. Theirs was an instant rapport. Adnan, who was already a renowned arms dealer, encouraged his new friend to join with him in the arms trade. Moosa and Adnan became solid friends and a resilient force to be reckoned with. They helped Arab countries and other nations to build their weapons systems. Money was like confetti to them and by the year 1979, Malcolm Forbes of Forbes Magazine fame, named Moosa the youngest billionaire in the world and stylist of the east.

Moosa’s a living legend, possessor of worldwide known name, fame, and fortune; perhaps he’s even a national treasure. The once wide-eyed ‘Miracle Boy’ from Faridpur, is now ranked as the 4th richest man in South Asia and the 70th in the World. He has sought permission of the Bangladesh Bank and the government to bring all of his billions to Bangladesh to play a major role in the making Sonar Bangla and fulfilling the dream of his mentor, Bangabandhu.

32 Billion Euros
There is a fear in some quarters that the influx of 32 billion Euros in one hit might contribute to inflation in Bangladesh. This is presently under review by Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal, MP and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Prince Moosa is confident permission will be granted and he has a long list of charities prepared to support with the huge money.

The Sonar Bangla envisaged by Prince Moosa is one in which all people are happy. To achieve this he wants the economic growth of Bangladesh to be more disciplined. He said there couldn’t be sustainable development by keeping 90 percent of the population unhappy. He also underlines the need for building a society based on mutual respect as against arrogance. He abhors corruption at all levels and wants it eliminated.

“It is a disease more deadly than cancer. It is a disease that touches the economic lives of everyone and because of its complexity of disguises; it’s not always transparent. For the country to prosper, it must be stopped and the perpetrators brought to justice to answer for their compassionless crimes against humanity,” he said.

When you’re in the presence of Prince Moosa, you know you’ve crossed the threshold of the known and entered into a magical space of mystery, wonder and intrigue that’s reserved for the privileged few.
(By Mostafa Kamal Majumder, Editor)